Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Letting one rip

We are rounding on some of our post op oncology patients and the residents are figuring out who to discharge.
The attending wants to make sure they don’t feel rushed to “give people the boot”. His explanation was amazing.

"All doctors, medical educators, and hospital admins keep talking the talk about patient centred medicine, about family centred medicine. All this stuff on social or religious or cultural sensibilities. But then when it comes to clearing a patient list, the moment a patient farts we…" *violently kicks the air*

"that’s not patient centred medicine, that’s fart centred medicine"


Monday, July 28, 2014

Anonymous said: Ok this is incredibly selfish and I feel bad asking this but I feel like shit. There's so much pain and pressure on my chest, and I feel like I'm not getting enough air. My hands are doing the pins and needle things, I feel like I might vomit and I'm so cold. My mom thinks it's nothing but I just need something to help me because it's been happening for two days. You don't have to help if you think this is annoying, but if you can that'd be really great

Please go see either your family doctor, the local urgent care centre, or a walk-in clinic. I’m not going to be offering any further advice/suggestions on this or any other medical requests based off 3 big reasons. 

1) I’m not a trained/licensed physician…yet (I hope).

2) This is an anonymous over the internet consult, aka not the proper clinical setting

3) Without the chance to get a better history, or physical exam I’d be doing an injustice towards any sort of care you should properly receive. Either by directing you down the wrong way, dismissing something potentially serious, or starting the ball rolling on a number of unnecessary further tests/investigations.

I can understand that you’re coming from a place of concern and worry. I’m not trying to disregard your effort to be in charge of your own health; but I do feel I have to make it known that this IS NOT the right forum for that, and I would feel it’s very sketchy for someone to offer the guise of professional help online. 

May you be well and hope that you can feel better. 

First time

Today I was in a surgical oncology OR. I was asked to remained unscrubbed in order to take the photos of the operative area, the pathology, and the post op area. 

Specifically the surgeon said, “you look like a guy who knows how to use one of these,” and gestures to his dslr. 

After the case, one of the scrub nurses chuckles and remarks it was almost like I was one of “those tourists” on a tour of the OR. 

Never been referred by the Asian tourist/photographer stereotype before, to be honest. 

I should have thrown in a few peace signs and bunny ears but that would have been unprofessional.


Friday, July 25, 2014

At first I panicked…

And then I remembered that I had beets for dinner last night.


Monday, July 21, 2014 Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Anonymous said: I know a lot of people that have gotten sick from flu shots. I have never had the flu and stop getting vaccines years ago. You're the ignorant fuck if you think people "need" vaccines. It is a persons right to deny them and given a hell of a lot of proof people are justified to deny them as well





Ignorant fuck must be some new compliment because all these anti-vaxxers keep calling me that. You angels. I think I’ll hang it next to my BFA and my not giving a fuck lifetime achievement award, but still leaving room on the wall for my MD, which is currently in progress and halfway completed.

Spoiler alert #1: you can’t get the flu from the flu vaccine, which covers some strains of influenza. It’s literally impossible. You can, however, get a flu-like illness from over a dozen other viruses, some of which have the same seasonal prevalence as influenza.

Spoiler alert #2: Your personal experience as a single unvaccinated person does not have any statistical significance. I’m really stoked you, a presumably healthy younger type of person with a functioning immune system and halfway decent nutrition, have not gotten the flu. I am. The flu sucks. However, babies, pregnant people, people with compromised immune systems or even chronic medical conditions such as asthma, and elderly, are very much at risk. When you, healthy person, get vaccinated, you do a little part to maybe prevent one of them from getting the flu and developing nasty complications such as deadly pneumonia.

Spoiler alert #3:









I’ll tell you who needs vaccines:  this baby, who I saw last night on my overnight shift in the pediatric ER. And here is a post where I admittedly was real snarky BECAUSE THIS SHIT IS GETTING REAL OLD OK GUYS and it has some really good graphs from an excellent lecture I went to about the public health impact of vaccines (in case the crapton of links above isn’t enough to make you reconsider your stance maybe some graphs will, I dunno how your brains work).

Go Aspdocs! You tell ‘em!




F-ing rights!

So I just started a rotation on Delivery Room and later today I saw this on Reddit. Pretty accurate summary of my level of obstetrics right now.

So I just started a rotation on Delivery Room and later today I saw this on Reddit. 
Pretty accurate summary of my level of obstetrics right now.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

The chafing

So one of the things I enjoy to do in my spare time is climbing, and with the weather getting better it’s becoming more inviting to go out and do that. 

However, the combination of alcohol hand sanitizers, vigorous hand washing, followed by a bunch of chalk and bouldering leads to some seriously dry and cracked skin. 

And then the next day’s alcohol hand sanitizers are extra lovely. 


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

All for naught

So my preceptor today was super pressed on getting through clinic today. Convinced a 2nd resident to help out, in fact.

All in order to finish 30 min early to be able to make it home to watch the Netherlands-Argentina game. 

Netherlands fan.

Meanwhile the med student gets stuck back at 4pm to do the dictations. 

I have to make extra sure that I don’t botch anything tomorrow because I’m doubtful he’s going to be in a good mood.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014



1. Hypovolaemic

2. Septic

3. Spinal

4. Cardiogenic

5. Anaphylactic

6. Brazillian

credit to thejournalofmed​